The minutiae of modern life is made up of moments, interactions and missed opportunities built on a foundation of muffin making, kombucha tasting, bread buying, kite flying and packets of assorted cream biscuits.

With 9 actors, 18 characters and 27 scenes Adrift is a fast-moving comic drama that excavates the domestic, the dreary, the anxious, the humorous and the heartbreaking as we search for meaning and connection in an increasingly dystopian world.

A new work by playwright Jane Miller, Adrift was first conceived in 2019 and developed through a series of workshops and playreadings. Originally known as POST it was part of La Mama Theatre’s War-Rak/Banksia Festival on 11 Dec 2021 as a playreading with Steve Gome, Annie Lumsden, Andrea McCannon and Kelly Nash. A subsequent playreading was held at Fortyfivedownstairs on 4 Sep 2022 with Keith Brockett, Bruce Langdon, Kelly Nash, Marissa O’Reilly, Sonya Suares and Glenn van Oosterom.

La Mama HQ
24 May to 4 June 2023

15 Minutes from Anywhere

Developed with the support of La Mama Theatre, Fortyfivedownstairs and the Malcolm Robertson Foundation.


“The nine actors on stage throughout the night were brilliant, with no single member letting down the ensemble. Each also had strong chemistry with their scene partners … Beng Oh was able to take each scene and frame it in new ways – while so many were dialogues, we were constantly placed in new settings simply through the arrangement of the actors and the very occasional introduction of a chair.”

Theatre Travels

“Its eighteen characters and their issues occur and recur so that those twenty-seven scenes weave into a coherent whole.  The characters are not just ‘funny’, they are sharply and economically observed, comically stubborn to the point of ridiculous – and there is a rhythm to the dialogue that reflect the obstinacy of perverse and rigid positions and beliefs. The bizarre encounters are delivered with such wit that the audience gets the point every time and is rocking with laughter throughout. 

Stage Whispers
Photo by Darren Gill: Concept image of loneliness, lacking direction, no leadership, rudderless, floating, listless or generally adrift without a goal

Jane Miller

Beng Oh

Lieze Swart

Shane Grant

Teri Steer

Darren Gill

Lauren Bailey
Omar Dabash
Steve Gome
Scott Gooding
David Kambouris
Luke Mason
Kelly Nash
Marissa O’Reilly
Annabelle Tudor